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     All sod is not created equal, and since 1993, Kellum Sod Farm, has been delivering top quality, 100% NC State certified centipede sod to Jacksonville and surrounding areas such as Swansboro, Sneads Ferry, Holly Ridge, Richlands, New Bern, and Hampstead.  Conveniently located, Kellum Sod Farm has become a favorite for residential homeowners, and our superior quality has made us a favorite with the some of the best landscapers in the area.  Our sod can be found in newly developed residential neighborhoods, large apartment complexes, and businesses in and around Onslow County.  Various Department of Defense locations boast Kellum Sod Farm, such as main side Camp Lejeune, Camp Johnson, Marine Corp Air Station, and MARSOC.  Please take a moment to browse our website where you will find valuable information on planning, pricing and delivery, and how to care for your new turf.

We have a solution for all your sod needs

    Just need a little bit of sod?  No problem, you can schedule a pick up directly from our shop location.  Most pick up orders can be filled within 24 hours (weather permitting).  Please be aware that certain times of the year, there may be a wait list.


March 12th, 2023

 Please note that all of our sod is cut to order in an effort to provide the freshest product possible.  Everything we cut, whether is one piece or multiple pallets, has to be ordered ahead of time.


‚Äč As spring approaches, our schedule has already begun to fill more quickly.  Please be aware, March and April is usually the most difficult time for us to fill orders and the schedule can get backed up for weeks.  Pallets are more difficult to harvest this time of year due to the grass becoming more brittle during the transition (green up) period.  We pride ourselves on selling a quality product.  Therefore if the grass is no up to our expectation, we may suspend cutting.  


    Kellum Sod Farm offers delivery,  just visit our pricing page for more details.  For planning purposes, we typically can fill your pick up orders within a day or two.   Delivery availability can range from a couple of days to several weeks depending on the time of year.

Kellum Sod Farm Inc.

    Although we don't offer in house installation, we work closely with several top landscapers in the area.  Visit our contact page for a complete list.


     If you have recently purchased sod or moved into a new construction home over the winter, nothing is required of you at this time.  However, once the green up process begins (usually late March/early April), you will need to start a strict watering schedule.  The new grass will begin trying to root in and get established and will therefore need a lot of water.  Fertilizer should NOT be applied until after the grass is rooted and established.

     If you already have an established yard, we always recommend waiting until after April 15th to fertilize your lawn.  Now is a great time to apply any pre-emergent herbicides to help control weeds.