Delivery Chart

  • Jacksonville                                                 $50.00
  • Camp Lejeune                                            $70.00
  • Stones Bay (MARSOC)                              $90.00
  • Maysville                                                     $50.00
  • New Bern                                                  $150.00
  • Hubert                                                         $60.00
  • Swansboro                                                 $60.00
  • Morehead City                                         $150.00
  • Verona                                                         $60.00
  • Sneads Ferry                                              $80.00
  • Holly Ridge                                               $120.00
  • Richlands                                                    $60.00
  • Hampstead                                              $150.00
Kellum Sod Farm Inc.


Bringing you the highest quality sod for over 25 years

     If your area is not listed above and/or you have a question about the delivery charge where you are, please feel free to give us a call.

**Stay tuned** we are going to be expanding our delivery radius to include some new markets!


   Once you have determined the amount of sod needed, use the information below to determine your cost.  Keep in mind that a pallet of sod covers approximately 450 sq. ft. (or 50 sq. yards).  Kellum Sod Farm also sells sod in "big rolls".  Big rolls have to be installed by a tractor with sod rolling attachment or another form of special roll installer.  They are 30" wide and 90 feet long.  Each roll covers approximately 225 sq. ft. (or 25 sq. yards)


**Please call for pricing**       


Zenith Zoysia (not available at this time)

**Please call for pricing**


Princess 77 Bermuda (not available at this time)‚Äč      

**Please call for pricing**

To qualify for local delivery, you must order five or more pallets.  Deliveries over 15 miles may require a larger order for delivery.  Please see our delivery chart for to help determine your delivery cost.  Cash, checks and major credit cards are accepted.

Pick Up

     Sod can be available for pick up Monday-Saturday.  Saturday orders must be in by 12 noon on Friday.  You will need to call ahead to reserve your order along with finding out where to pick it up.  Pick up locations can vary from day to day depending on what fields we are in.     

**please note**  A full pallet of sod is very heavy.  You will need either a nice trailer with full size tires, or a full size pickup truck to haul it.